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›› Fresh Island Festival 2017

Fresh Island Festival
Club: Kalypso, Papaya, Aquarius
In July, Zrće Beach is the hip-hop-must-be-destination! In the hottest clubs in Novalja you can celebrate cool beats on the beach.
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›› Summer Peak Festival 2017

Club: Papaya, Aquarius, NOA
Dates : 26.08. - 02.09.17.
At the end of the party season the Zrće Beach is again exploding! During Summer Peak Festival there are plenty of hot DJs to sweeten the departure from Novalja.
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›› SONUS Festival 2017

Sonus 2017
Clubs: Aquarius, Calypso, Papaya
Dates : 20.08. - 24.08.17.
Better than the SONUS Festival there isn't as the party, the atmosphere and the people are unique.
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›› Stereo Forest Festival 2017

Club Kalypso
The Stereo Forest Festival went last year for the first time in the newly styled Kalypso.
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›› Circus Maximus 2017

Club NOA
In the season 2016 Steve Aoki, among the ten best DJs in the world, was part of Circus Maximus Festival in NOA Beach Club.
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›› DJ MAG Beach Festival 2017

DJ Mag Beach Festival
Club Papaya
The DJ MAG is the largest dance music magazine in the world, Papaya is one of the world's best clubs and both together are the guarantee for one of the hottest Festival on Zrće Beach!
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›› Black Sheep Festival 2017

Black Sheep Festival
Clubs: Aquarius, Kalypso, NOA, Papaya
Dates: 31.07. - 03.08.17.
The Black Sheep Festival could become the biggest Festival in 2017 on Zrće Beach. For the second time there will be a mega event that will make the entire beach party all day and night.
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›› The Vibe Guide Festival 2017

Club NOA
First YouTube Channel, later online magazine, meanwhile Festival: This is the development of "The Vibe Guide" in recent years.
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›› Magnetic Club Life Festival 2017

Club Papaya
The Magnetic Life Club Festival represents EDM events with hot live acts. Actually, it is one of the biggest indoor festival of its kind in Europe.
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›› Love Week 2017

Loveweek Festival
Clubs: Kalypso, NOA, Aquarius and Papaya
Dates : 22.07. - 29.07.17.
In contrast to the everyday plastic EDM program the Love Week brings the melodic world of Deep House by Zrće.
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›› Armada Croatia Festival 2017

Club Papaya
The best DJs from the house Armada are at your service. The label sends for several years the hottest acts on Zrće Beach and crowns the summer with its own festival.
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›› Woodshock Festival 2017

Club Kalypso
The Woods Hock Festival celebrated its premiere in 2016 at the Zrće Beach.
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›› Area 4 Festival 2017

Area 4 Festival
Clubs: NOA, Kalypso, Aquarius, Papaya
Dates : 17.07. - 20.07.17.
Area 4 Festival on Zrce beach will bring you a line up OUT OF THIS WORLD!
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›› Break Out Festival 2017

Clubs: NOA and Kalypso
You want sun, beach, total Festival Feeling and finest beats? This is what Break Out is all about! Celebrate with us a unique festival and the hippest party time in Europe.
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›› Abi del Mar Festival 2017

Clubs: Papaya, Kalypso
Celebrating with Abi, the summer of your life in Novalja!
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› The Kornati National Park
Covers the bigger part of the Kornati waters. Because of their exceptional landscape beauty, interesting geomorphology, highly jagged and indented coast as well as because of rich communities of the submarine eco-system, the islands were made a national park in 1980.